**Longer version of 'Hermes' at

the Boat theatre April 2022
Hermes is my expanded drag persona.

They are consisting of more than one character of various gender-expansive expressions. When exploring the many bodies of Hermes, I am mixing choreography, making and singing my own songs, lip syncing and making outfits in a search of figures that allow me to live out queer desires. With a love for pop-culture, for high-production concert-shows, for standup and for storytelling Hermes wants to both empower and challenge the way in which humans tell stories of their bodies.

Hermes express themselves in a sweet spot between slutty yearning and soft revolting. They lip sync, sing live, dance and entertain the shit out of their acts, shining their queer mournings and ecosexual burlesque out on their crowd. Open for bookings for drag events, cabarets, nightclubs, performance events, queer events and private partys.

Hermes at Shamelezz -

Copenhagen Drag Fest
Hermes at Halloqween by CPH

Draghouse at VEGA
Hermes at Draglesque at

Bartof Café
Hermes at The Feral Ball
Hermes at Yaaaas Queen
Hermes at Fierce Factor