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Hermes is my my drag persona that through a wide array of acts is exploring a kind of ecosexual
burlesque mourning- and survival service. With Hermes I am investigating a sweet spot
between slutty yearning and soft revolting, telling stories of ‘mad’ women, forgotten queers, angry men, possessed children and demons of the many.

Hermes has performed in Denmark at: the Boat theatre, Shamelezz, Halloqween by CPH Draghouse, Draglesque at Bartof Café, The Feral Ball, Yaaas Queen, Fierce Factor and at Just another Drag Show. In Germany they have performed at: PepsiBoston Bar and at Cat Kabaroké at Fortuna Wetten. More acts are on their way <3

A ravishing, sexy, fun and entertaining act by Hermes can come to your drag event, cabaret, nightclub, performance event, queer event or private party. Open for bookings. See more under

Photos: Martyna Kaminska. Flinta* night at PepsiBoston Bar Berlin

Hosted by Foxglove
Photos: Camilla Trine Jensen & Shifa Doğuştan. Shamelezz hosted by Mizz Privileze at CPH dragfest, Copenhagen
Photos by Nala Summers

Draglesque at Café Bartof organised by Iben Landt, Rasmus Ravn Kluge & Ditte Stubbe Teglbjerg
Artwork by Siw Maj Stubbe Teglbjaerg
The Feral Ball Organized by Beck Heiberg and

Photos: Jane Lool / @janelool
The feral festival
Photo by Levi Skye. Fierce Factor hosted by Charlie Mac Angel & Notorious Nicki at KissKiss Gay Club, Copenhagen
Photos by Snorre Elvin & Peter Scherrebeck

Halloqween by CPH Draghouse at VEGA, Copenhagen
Photos by Ali Bay / @lickmyglitch

Cat Kabaroké organised by Tchi Vett &
Photo by Anne Staub

Just Another Drag show hosted by Annie.Rection
Fortuna Wetten Berlin
Link to longer version of 'Hermes' at

the Boat theatre April 2022
PepsiBoston Bar at Schwuz hosted by Vivienne Lovecraft

Pics: Jiannyuh Wang, Nic Van Straaten & Martyna Kaminska
Schwuz big stage show, Berlin

Pics: Martyna Kaminska