30.01.1991 - danish, based between Copenhagen & Berlin
Instagram: @katstaub @porousnests @danceforplants
Languages: Danish, English & German


Porous Nests (2020→) / performance project
The Jennies (2019→) / performance band
dance for plants (2016→) / collective


BA at HZT by the University of Arts Berlin (2015-19) / Dance, Context, Choreography
DT Academy (2013-14) / dance and theatre programme, Copenhagen
Rødkilde Theatre School (2011-12) / theatre and performance programme, Møn
VoxViva (2009) / Roy Hart based voice programme, Helgenæs


Hermes (2022) / drag act at the drag-event Shamelezz (Copenhagen)
Hermes (2022) / performance at the boat theatre (Copenhagen)
Hermes (2021) / drag show at Queer Xmas curated by Warehouse9 (Copenhagen)
Hermes (2021) / work-in-progress showing at The Unfinished Fridays Performance Series at Lake Studio (Berlin)
Porous Nests (2021) / performance with the Porous Nests project with Snorre Elvin and Peter Scherrebeck at the online version of Det Frie Felts Festival (Copenhagen)
Porous Nests (2020) / performance and research with the Porous Nests project with Snorre Elvin and Peter Scherrebeck at ‘this house is not a home’ by K Hybrid at Lothringer 13 Halle (Munich) and at Lause residency for art and activism (Berlin)
Emotional check-in (2020) / performance with Karin Hald at C.off (Stockholm)
Evening for small scenes, singing and playing - the work after she left (2019) / performance with Rosemarie Eberl and Peter Scherrebeck at Uferstudios (Berlin)
The Wormhole Project (2018) / performance intervention with Mariana Vieira at (Re)union festival (Lisbon)
dettaler (2017) / solo performance at Danseatelier (Copenhagen)
Sisters academy - The boarding school #6 (2017) / performance intervention by Sisters Hope at the free exhibition space (Copenhagen) - (visiting artist and teacher)
Weheavy (2016) / performance with Simone Weber, Juan Felipe, Josephine Mühle, Hannah Kritten, Julia Keren and Judith Förster at Suddenly festival (Berlin)


Muscle panic (2021) / performance by Hazel Meyer presented at Copenhagen Contemprorary as part of the exhibition 'art of sports' (Copenhagen)
Lipsyync#9 (2021) / online drag show by Rubyyy Jones curated by Warehouse9 (Copenhagen)
Backleg (2019) / dance-installation by Camila Malenchini at LOAF festival (Berlin)
What they are instead of (2019) / performance by Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger at Uferstudios (Berlin)
Graduation piece (2018) / performance by Mariana Vieira at Uferstudios (Berlin)
Healing competition (2018) / research piece by Timothée Faraus at Tempelhofer Feld (Berlin)
WET (1967-) (2017) / performance by Maria Scaroni at Sophiensaele (Berlin)
Cut out reality (2016) / performance by Miriam Kongstad at Uferstudios (Berlin)
The light that I feel (2014) / film-installation by Yang Fudong at SALT (Sandhornøy, Norway)


Havebienalen (2021) / residency with dance for plants as part of the exhibition Havebienalen (Copenhagen)
Lake Studio (2021) / artist in residence at Lake Studios Berlin (Berlin)
HAUT - In Process (2021) / artist in residence at HAUT and the North Atlantic Lighthouse (Thy)
Frontløberne (2020) residence and socio-cultural collaboration with cultural institution ‘Frontløberne’ (Aarhus)
Social Service Club (2020) / residency with Peter Scherrebeck (Stevns)
Lause Residency for Art & Activism (2020) / residency with the Porous Nests project (Berlin)
Connections (2017) / residency with dance for plants at PAF Performing Arts Platform (Aarhus)
A non-secular Anthropocene (2017) / conference held by AURA Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene. Participating with dance for plants (Copenhagen)
Ponderosa Tanzland (2016) / dance festival with Zinzi Buchanan, Alicia Grant and Barbie Diewald (Stolzenhagen)
Performance Activism (2016) / performance experiment with Anika Barkan and Boaz Barkan at AFUK (Copenhagen)


Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk (2019→) / teaching the seminar ‘Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Holbæk)
Dansverkstæðið (2021) / workshop on dance for plants as part of the Plöntutíð Festival (Reykjavik)
GROW Talenttræf (2021) / teaching the seminar ‘Krop/Objekt/Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Holbæk)
SGK / BGK Århus (2021) / teaching the seminar ‘Krop/Objekt/Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Aarhus)
Eriksminde Efterskole (2021) / talk and workshop on plants in artistic practise with Kai Merke (Hou)
Eriksminde Efterskole (2018) / teaching the workshop ‘Fungis Baby’ with Kai Merke (Hou)
Kat Staub