30.01.1991 - danish, based between Copenhagen & Berlin
Instagram: @katstaub @porousnests @danceforplants
Languages: Danish, English & German


Vesyv (2021→) / studio & atelier collective
Porous Nests (2020→) / performance project
dance for plants (2016→) / international research group


BA at HZT by the University of Arts Berlin (2015-19) / Dance, Context, Choreography
DT Academy (2013-14) / dance and theatre programme, Copenhagen
Rødkilde Theatre School (2011-12) / theatre and performance programme, Møn
VoxViva (2009) / Roy Hart based voice programme, Helgenæs


a cast of pseudonyms (2023) / Performative installation project in procress. First iteration shared at the BIRCA Queer residency (Bornholm, Denmark)
Hermes (2021-23) / drag acts at Queer Xmas curated by Warehouse9, Just another drag show at Absalon,'The Fierce Factor' at KissKiss Gay Club, ‘draglesque’ at Bartof Café, 'Halloqween' by Draghouse CPH at Vega, Shamelezz for CPH Drag fest & Das Disco (Copenhagen), 'Yaaas queen' at Stakladen (Aarhus) PepsiBostonBar at Schwuz, Tristeza, Autobahne & Kabaroké at Fortuna Wetten (Berlin) Club Mermaid (Malmö)
Dance for plants performance (2022) / Performing with Shifa Doğuştan at the 'when things are alive' symposium at Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus (Stockholm)
Hermes (2022) / performance at the boat theatre (Copenhagen)
Ecofemme Hauntings (2021) / work-in-progress showing at The Unfinished Fridays Performance Series at Lake Studio (Berlin)
Porous Nests (2021) / performance with the Porous Nests project with Snorre Elvin and Peter Scherrebeck at the online version of Det Frie Felts Festival (Copenhagen)
Porous Nests (2020) / performance and research with the Porous Nests project with Snorre Elvin and Peter Scherrebeck at ‘this house is not a home’ by K Hybrid at Lothringer 13 Halle (Munich) and at Lause residency for art and activism (Berlin)
Emotional check-in (2020) / performance with Karin Hald at C.off (Stockholm)
Evening for small scenes, singing and playing - the work after she left (2019) / performance with Rosemarie Eberl and Peter Scherrebeck at Uferstudios (Berlin)
The Wormhole Project (2018) / performance intervention with Mariana Vieira at (Re)union festival (Lisbon)
dettaler (2017) / solo performance at Danseatelier (Copenhagen)
Weheavy (2016) / performance with Simone Weber, Juan Felipe, Josephine Mühle, Hannah Kritten, Julia Keren and Judith Förster at Suddenly festival (Berlin)


Muscle panic (2021) / performance by Hazel Meyer presented at Copenhagen Contemprorary as part of the exhibition 'art of sports' (Copenhagen)
Lipsyync#9 (2021) / online drag show by Rubyyy Jones curated by Warehouse9 (Copenhagen)
Backleg (2019) / dance-installation by Camila Malenchini at LOAF festival (Berlin)
What they are instead of (2019) / performance by Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger at Uferstudios (Berlin)
Graduation piece (2018) / performance by Mariana Vieira at Uferstudios (Berlin)
Healing competition (2018) / research piece by Timothée Faraus at Tempelhofer Feld (Berlin)
WET (1967-) (2017) / performance by Maria Scaroni at Sophiensaele (Berlin)
Sisters academy - The boarding school #6 (2017) / performance intervention by Sisters Hope at the free exhibition space (Copenhagen) - (visiting artist and teacher)
Cut out reality (2016) / performance by Miriam Kongstad at Uferstudios (Berlin)
The light that I feel (2014) / film-installation by Yang Fudong at SALT (Sandhornøy, Norway)


Birca Queer (2023) / artist in residency at Bækkelund International Recidency Center for Artists (Bornholm)
Shine on, Harvest moon (2022) / artist in residence at Ponderosa art center (Lunow-Stolzenhagen)
Havebienalen (2021) / residency with dance for plants as part of the exhibition Havebienalen (Copenhagen)
Lake Studio (2021) / artist in residence at Lake Studios Berlin (Berlin)
HAUT - In Process (2021) / artist in residence at HAUT and the North Atlantic Lighthouse (Thy)
Frontløberne (2020) residence and socio-cultural collaboration with cultural institution ‘Frontløberne’ (Aarhus)
Social Service Club (2020) / residency with Peter Scherrebeck (Stevns)
Lause Residency for Art & Activism (2020) / residency with the Porous Nests project (Berlin)
Connections (2017) / residency with dance for plants at PAF Performing Arts Platform (Aarhus)
A non-secular Anthropocene (2017) / conference held by AURA Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene. Participating with dance for plants (Copenhagen)
Ponderosa Tanzland (2016) / dance festival with Zinzi Buchanan, Alicia Grant and Barbie Diewald (Stolzenhagen)
Performance Activism (2016) / performance experiment with Anika Barkan and Boaz Barkan at AFUK (Copenhagen)


Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk (2019→) / teaching the seminar ‘Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Holbæk)
Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk (2023) / teaching the intro-project 'Mindevæv' with Peter Scherrebeck (Holbæk)
Tvær-GK (2022) / teaching the seminar ‘Krop/Objekt/Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Esbjerg)
UKH Talenttræf (2022) / teaching the seminar ‘Krop/Objekt/Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Aarhus)
Dansverkstæðið (2021) / workshop on dance for plants as part of the Plöntutíð Festival (Reykjavik)
GLOW Talenttræf (2021) / teaching the seminar ‘Krop/Objekt/Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Holbæk)
SGK / BGK Århus (2021) / teaching the seminar ‘Krop/Objekt/Performance’ with Peter Scherrebeck (Aarhus)
Eriksminde Efterskole (2021) / talk and workshop on plants in artistic practise with Kai Merke (Hou)
Eriksminde Efterskole (2018) / teaching the workshop ‘Fungis Baby’ with Kai Merke (Hou)
Kat Staub