dance for plants
dance for plants is an international research group dedicated to the creation, articulation, and propagation of a situated practice. We dance for plants. How is this practice related to more-than-human knowledges and bodies? What are its requirements and obligations? What can it do and how can it be done? How does it matter? What can it teach us and how risky is it?

We facilitate workshops, perform at people’s homes for their plants, take part in exhibitions and conferences, collaborate with artists, activists, institutions, scholars, witches, gardeners, dead people, pets, bodies of water and many other humans and nonhumans, in order to proliferate experiences, scores, texts, frameworks, movements, affects, thoughts, stories, images, intimacies, ethics, gatherings, and myriad wiggling materials as companions to conspire accountable ways of relating and belonging. Dancing for plants is a risky practice. It has to be an ecological disturbance. Plants and dancers are becoming with each other in new arrangements of molecular, social, anatomical, and ontological performances. They are rendering each other capable, in caring loops, of addressing and being addressed, alluring and being allured, inducing and attuning* movements.
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dance for plants with Shifa Doğuştan
When things are alive symposium
Workshop at the festival 'Plontutid' in Reykjavik