Hermes is a drag persona consisting of more than one character of various gender bending expressions. Through some slutty yearning and soft revolting under the spotlight, Hermes wants to challenge the way in which humans tell stories about their bodies.

Hermes is that 1700s dandy or 1960s boy who is just too sexy in all his miserability and lazy entitlement.

Hermes is a celebration of everything hyper-femme and a space to process the sexism I experience in my life.

Hermes is a domestic housework bitch, honouring all the beautiful traditions of handmade spiritual and functional artefacts, made in the middle ages, within circles of homegoing women.

Hermes is from time to time closely linked to my work with
eco-femme hauntings

**See Footage from Performance Sharing at the Lake

Studio's Performance series: 'Unfinished Fridays'
**See Artist blog for Lake Studios Berlin
Thanks to Lake Studios Berlin & Kit Johnson x-act.
Hermes in performance at Bådteatret (the boat theatre), Copenhagen 2022
Doublebill with performance by choreographer Ida Hørlyck

Tech : Makia Ahmed
Documentation /pictures : Janna Aldaraji
Assistent Producer : Rosemarie Eberl
Bar: Matin Lund
Curation : Ubaaden; Tora Balslev and Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen

Thanks to : TeaterHuset CPH, Filuren Århus, Bådteatret, Ubaaden, Linn Haldrup, Peter Scherrebeck & Kasper Staub
Thanks to Dansk Skuespillerforbund for supporting

Copenhagen 2022
Check out Bådteatret

Hermes at residency at Lake Studio Berlin, 2021
Pictures : Janna Aldaraji

**Upcoming: part of the line-up at Copenhagen Drag Fest on June 24th ** click here for more info