porous nests
Porous Nests is a performance project developing the practice of building porous nests for dance to happen within, created and performed by Peter Scherrebeck Hansen, Snorre Elvin and Kat Staub.

The project is striving to expand the notion of the stage and performative staging through building nest installations seeking to foster anchors of nurture. The emerging spaces come to serve as containers able to host flamboyant performances, vulnerable tripping and harmonized singing as tools for practical magic, rituals of care and soft resistance. The body performing in this landscape is seen as an extension of the installation, and as a porous nest of dance itself.

Porous Nests is also a chosen queer family balancing the act of being dear friend-siblings and working partners at the same time.
Videowork for 'Det Frie Felts Festival', Copenhagen 2021. Camera: Nanna Hansen. Editing: Peter Scherrebeck Hansen. Thanks to ‘Det Frie Felts Festival - Selected Works, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, SNDO Amsterdam, danseatelier, Frontløberne Aarhus, Nanna Hansen, Linnea Slipsager, Rie Larsen and Kjeld Hansen.

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Porous Nests in Tanzschreiber
Performance at the exhibition and gathering ‘This House Is Not a Home’ by Khybrid, Munich
Photos: Sarah Johanna Theurer
Thanks to Statens Kunstfond for supporting.
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Performance at Lause - residency for art and activism, Berlin
Photos: Umbruch Bildarchiv

Thanks to
Everybody at Lause,
Tanzbüro Berlin,
Nicola Van Straaten
and Rosemarie Eberl

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Umbruch Bildarchiv
Munich 2020
Berlin 2020